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Platform: PS 2

Game Description
In Resident Evil 4 you will know a new variety of horror, because the classic survival-horror action returns with all-new characters, controls and storylines. We last saw Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2 – a rookie cop in Raccoon City, fighting to stay alive. That was six a long time ago. After that, government forces have were able to control the zombie threat and Leon has developed into a Federal agent. As soon as the President’s daughter is kidnapped, Leon tracks her to your remote, hidden fortress in Europe – where he’ll relive the horror he faced six years before. Players will face never-before-seen enemies which will make Nemesis look like a kitten. You may be wishing for the usual Resident Evil zombies!
Review Game: Resident Evil 4
I played this game Resident Evil 4 in platform ps 2. I have to say it one of the must play game for whoever have ps 2 or other platform that have this game. Even you compare to the new generation game this game is still good, consider that capcom remake this game on and on, of cause they have their reason obviously this Resident Evil 4 is a real good game. why? This is why.


The story of this game set place 6 year after the Raccoon city outbreak even and you as Leon have to find the missing daughter of the President. On a journey to find this 1st daughter you will find a lot of horror thing such as trap, a zombie (in this episode a zombie is not exactly a zombie, like they develop further more but I don’t want to spoil so discover it yourself) with attack surprise, gigantic creature boss and etc. You will get a lot of surprise of horror, pressure , like you can’t kill every enemies sometime the flee is the better way. Be warn some of my friend told me that his game is too stress for him 555.


The gameplay very good for me if I have something to mention is that you can’t walk while you aim to shoot but because of that a little hard to control make the game more exciting. Other control of the game is really smooth.


A graphic is good not that extraordinary especially you compare to the rpg game like final fantasy X , a game of the same generation. But how ever I still looking good for the same kind of game .

Sound Effect

The sound effect is brilliant, perfect mach with the movie both excite and terrify. It’s make a game lot more fun you know.


This is one of the must play game especially you are a action game fan. Don’t miss it.


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