Rogue Galaxy «

Platform: PS 2

Genre: Action-RPG

Publisher: Sony

Game Description
Rogue Galaxy is great fantasy role-playing in places you enjoy a planet-hopping rogue for battle and adventure. At the far fringe of the galaxy about the desert planet Rosa, a man named Jaster hopes for journeying through space. He is recruited to sign up for the crew of space pirate Dorgengoa inside a race to see a legendary planet maintain critical for the best of treasures — eternal life. Players follow Rogue when he planet-hops around space, traversing to a quantity of planets, each using their own unique ecosystem populated by various unusual creatures. Play successfully to earn hunter coins that upgrade a player’s hunter license and throw open additional challenges Over 8 hours of high-quality cut-scenes and cinematics
Review Game: Rogue Galaxy
Rogue Galaxy is known to many because it is being used in Play Station 2 since 2005 when it was first release in Japan. After the release of this game, many game aficionados were thrilled to try this game for its unique story and plot. The story seems so exciting and challenging that’s why many copies of this game has been released into the market until today.

The game is one of a kind because of its unique set –up. It is in galaxy and the enemies are beasts that were never seen yet in any movie or film. The overall presentation of the scenes and of the game is totally amazing. Anyone who will be able to play this gave will never get enough. For sure, that person will devote more time and effort just to continuously play the game and fight all the enemies.

Rougue Galaxy’s main character is Jaster Rougue. He is also the center of attraction in this game. He’s life story is actually the inspiration of this game. Since he was a young boy, he is already strong and brave. He was raised well by Raul who is a priest. He doesn’t fear anyone and he is ready to fight for his family and for planet Rosa where they live. This game is also named after the main character Jaster Rougue, that’s why it’s entitled as “Rougue Galaxy”.

Although he loves his planet, Rosa, he still has a big dream of living the planet to explore the galaxy and the other worlds out there. When the time comes that he is about to make this happen, his hometown named Slagin was attacked by a beast. During the incident, smaller beast came to ambush jasper. This was successfully done that’s why Jasper meets the mysterious hooded man who helped him fight the beast destroying his hometown. He was given a weapon by the man and the two space pirates helped him to defeat the beast will all their might.

This is just the start of the story of the Galaxy Rougue. There are still a lot of battles that Jasper successfully finished through the help of his great weapon. He was known and become very popular in their place. He was introduced to other powerful persons and was given an offer to do some tasks.

Galaxy Rougue is a must try game because of its unbelievable and amazing story. You will never get bored in this game because you can discover a lot of things. There are also a lot of hidden treasures that you can find along the way when doing your missions. You will also encounter different types of characters that are very interesting to know. You will surely enjoy playing this game and devote more time just to finish the game until its very end.

The Rogue Galaxy – a game of platform PS2 is so affordable that anyone could have this if they please to do so. You can afford this and easily have it in your collection of challenging and trilling game plays. You will just shed out a small amount of money but get repaid of endless fun and excitement. You can play this game anytime you like. You can even repeat the game if you already succeeded defeating all the enemies.

Since the game makes use of the PS2 or Play Station 2 Platform, it will be compatible in your gadget. The game will play properly and let you try the best gaming experience possible. You will never go wrong having this game in your PS2. You and your family could even share the use of this game during your bonding moments. This game is very beneficial and could even improve your relationship with your love ones. Your children could also learn good lessons in the story so that they can become better individuals.

Playing this game is very easy and convenient. It is very user friendly so you will easily navigate the map and find the weapons properly so that you can be the best in the galaxy. In playing this game you need to learn some skills like alertness and expertise of the character’s abilities. Through this, the game will be a lot easier for you even if you will not use cheats. You will surely improve your characters power and enhance it weapons so that it can fight even the strongest enemy that it could encounter.

This PS2 game never gets out of the trend. This is still enjoyed by many gamers until today because of its great story theme and adventures. The fight feels so real in this game that you will be more intrigued to continue playing until you finally discover the story completely and make your character as the hero.

Rate 8.5/10


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