Rumor: New iPhone To Be Made Of LiquidMetal «

Whenever you hear the phrase “LiquidMetal”, the only acceptable image that should pop into your head is the T-1000 chasing you down the street with a crazy morphed hook arm. That same technology will now be infused into the item that most of our male reader keep dangerously close to their genitals on a regular basis. To be fair, I am jumping to this conclusion without any scientific knowledge of either the inner workings of the T-1000 nor what LiquidMetal actually does.

So, what will the future harbinger of our demise actually do for the new iPhone? The list of features is pretty impressive:

■Strong material that essentially acts like metal glass
■Plastic injection molding rather than by die-casting could be used to create a uni-body case for the iPhone
■The new material could create thinner, lighter, and stronger iPhones
While this “news” (Did the iPhone become sentient and release this to lull us into a false sense of security?) makes the newest building material for the upcoming iPhone revamp sound pretty awesome, Skynet sounded like a pretty good idea before it went crazy too, didn’t it? Gotcha on that one…


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