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Three years ago, the first System Rush tried its best to bolster the struggling N-Gage’s game lineup. Now its help is needed once again to kick the recently renewed N-Gage platform out the door and into the hands of dedicated gamers. Although the story is highly forgettable and the overall visual style is awash in tacky Matrix green, the main action elements in System Rush: Evolution are varied and enjoyable.

A combination of three different types of gameplay, System Rush: Evolution uses 3D graphics to convey a palpable sense of speed during its racing, shooting, and flying missions. You’ll probably spend most of your time racing, because the shooting and flying levels are a bit on the short side, but they’re all generally well done. Toward the end of the 30 levels, the challenge increases considerably, which is especially rewarding for those who have already mastered futuristic racing games like Wipeout.

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Adding to the feeling of accomplishment, you can receive up to three tokens for beating a mission and snagging the high score. These tokens make your ship move faster or give you more starting health — so it’s worthwhile to replay earlier missions before facing the tougher challenges ahead. You can also compete in these stages online, which is a great bonus and an exciting use of the N-Gage network.

System Rush: Evolution isn’t quite good enough to justify buying Nokia hardware just to play it, but if you’ve already got an N-Gage-compatible phone, this should be the first game you download. It’s a strong first step for a system that’s still struggling for definition.

Played on a Nokia N81


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