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Review Game: Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade or Xenoblade Chronicles(Japan), Tetsuya Takahashi the composer of a legendary role-playing game from Japan Xenogears coming back this time cause he’s been asked to compose a game for WII platform and with the cooperation of the great song composer from Japan Yoko Shimomura and Mitsuda Yasunori and many other game composer will guarantee that this game will be other legendary game


Why it’s great, beside the great rating form many game reviews website (mostly give it 9/10 rating) and the reviewer who played it , this game still has a great story like a war between a living thing and the machine that you will find many surprise thing in this game include unpredictable ending , and you will find many side quest

The map of this game is extremely huge and the character can interact with it from many way like you can make you character claim mountain, swim, jump and the views is as great as platform WII can get. You will found many side quest, discover a secret treasure box, find a secret monster that will drop special item, you will find many view location in this game include forest , mountain , meadow, capital city, and ocean. There have a convenient system of Landmark that will warp you to a location you use to go if you don’t wanna walk. NPC is lively and the time in game have both day and night.

Xenoblade is a Action-RPG game which is no cut scene you will find many type of monster and when you change your character weapon and armor It will be changed in the story scene too. The game is easy to understanding.

The character design is quite plain, don’t have something fascinate I mean may be it the reason why this game doesn’t score perfect but by all mean it’s a one of the great game of Nintendo Wii.


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